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51' Seahorse 462 Sedan

  • Year: 2018
  • Call for Price
  • Located in Sail away from, China
  • Hull Material: Steel
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Single diesel
  • YW# 27944-1842890

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Other photos: Photo 1, Sails up, Sails up 2, Profile, At Dock, Upper Deck, Lower deck, Dash, Helm, Galley, Aft Stateroom.

Seahorse will be showing a Buehler COOT 38 at the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show, April 19th to the 22nd at Richmond CA

Driving a diesel powered yacht around the world can not be considered "going green".  However George Buehler's sail assisted Diesel Ducks not only leave a small footprint on our planet, they leave a lot more "green" in your bank account. And, if you want, we can paint your new Duck green.


George Buehler and I both agree that a sedan is not the best design for serious ocean passagemaking. Because of the large windows, plus cockpits and walkways that can hold large amounts of water, the sedan is inherently less seaworthy than a full decked aft cabin vessel like George's traditional Diesel Ducks. I would not be concerned (well, maybe a little bit!) if my Diesel Duck 462 hull was almost completely awash. She should, baring any serious damage, pop back up to the surface and continue on her way. I would be very concerned if I were on a sedan in the same situation.


Using good seamanship, like carefully watching for weather windows, has allowed sedans to make many ocean passages without incident. However, on long blue water passages it is impossible to predict the weather for the whole trip and George and I believe a boat should be designed to take serious adverse conditions if they come up. With global warming the earth's weather patterns seem to be getting worse. There were very late season typhoons reported lately. Unheard of a few years ago.


However, we realize that many boat owners prefer the sedan arrangement for coastal cruising and fair weather passages. The large raised main saloon is more "home" like with lots of space and nice views plus there is more room for entertaining. The 462 Sedan, using the proven full displacement Diesel Duck hull, watertight compartments and commercial type water tight doors and hatches, is our attempt to make one of the most seaworthy sedans available.


The fwd stateroom can have "V" berths or double bunks with storage. One head with stacking washer/dryer or two heads, with a washer/dryer combination in main saloon.


Note: The wide body design, without any side walkways, is actually more seaworthy as down flooding, when severely heeled, and the chance of shipping a lot of water in rough wave situations, are lessened. We do offer the full body design as a no cost option. And, even though I do not recommend it, we can install double side decks and a ladder aft to the upper deck as an optional cost item for coastal cruising.


See Full Specs for photos and the price and options list.


Feel free to visit our factory. We are a one hour ferry ride from Hong Kong.


For purchasing information check PASSAGEMAKERS DIRECT .   A  new forum for Diesel Duck owners and admirers.


Please contact at +86 (0)756 550 1060


182 Qiaohu Rd, N, Baijiao, Doumen, Zhuhai
China 519125
Tel +86 (0)756 550 1060
Fax +86 (0)756 550 2145
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182 Qiaohu Rd, N, Baijiao, Doumen, Zhuhai
China 519125

Tel +86 (0)756 550 1060
Fax +86 (0)756 550 2145
Email Us

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